A Mother’s Plea

My name is Becky. I am the mother of Branson Perry. Branson  disappeared April 11, 2001 from Skidmore, Missouri. According to police  reports, he was last seen at approximately 3 PM that Wednesday  afternoon. Branson is considered an endangered missing person by the law  enforcement. I want to tell you about the circumstances of his  disappearance and the events of the investigation up to now.

The circumstances were reported by the last person to have supposedly  seen Branson. Branson’s father, Bob (who passed away in March 2004) and I  were divorced in November 2000 and I was living in a small town about  20 miles from Skidmore. Bob had been in the hospital and was due to come  home that Friday. Branson wanted the house to be clean when his father  came home, so a friend was helping him that Wednesday. The alternator  had also gone out of Bob’s car prior to this day and there were two men  replacing it where it was parked on the street in front of the storage  shed that sat on an adjacent lot to the house. It is still unclear to me  as to who asked them to fix it, whether it was Bob or Branson.

The events of the day are fairly sketchy to me and often make no sense. I  don’t have a time line of when they occurred, only sporadic comments  that were made. At one point, the friend saw Branson run into the  kitchen and take something out of one of the cabinets, then run out the  back door. When he returned, she said he wouldn’t tell her what he was  doing and acted like nothing happened. Later, she said she had taken a  shower and when she came out of the bathroom she saw one of the men that  were working on the car going through the cabinets in the kitchen. She  said she asked him what he was looking for and he told her nothing and  went back outside. Then at approximately 3 PM she had been upstairs when  she heard the front porch door shut. She looked out the window and saw  Branson. She asked him where he was going and he told her he was going  to put the jumper cables in the storage shed and would be right back.  She never saw him again. The men that had been working on the car claim  to have never seen him. No one saw him.

The friend just thought Branson had gotten sidetracked, so she left  after she finished what she was doing. Bob did not come home that  Friday, so his mother had come to check on Branson Friday since she  hadn’t heard from him for a couple days. When she got to the house, all  the doors had been left open and the radio was on. She went to check  again Saturday, and still nothing. She began to get concerned and  started making phone calls to his friends. No one had heard from him.  She called Bob on Sunday and he called me that evening. Bob got out of  the hospital Monday morning and I met them at the police station to file  a missing person’s report.

When the police came to investigate, Bob could not find anything of  Branson’s that was missing. Even his wallet was left behind. When they  checked the shed for the jumper cables, they were not there. Two weeks  after the investigation started, they mysteriously showed up in the  shed, just inside the door. Several people were given lie detector  tests. Some passed it and some didn’t. I was not given details, which I  understand. Many leads came in at first. The police searched the river,  farms, ponds, even wells. Nothing came up. When the leads became far and  few, Bob’s family contacted a local psychic. Once again the police  followed up on new leads. Still nothing was found.

I have never been a person to ask for much. I am asking, pleading, even  begging for your help in finding my son or finding out what happened to  him. I need for this nightmare to end. It is a roller coaster that  doesn’t ever stop. From the outside I may appear to be fine. Inside, I  will never be ok. If you have ever lost someone who has died, then you  know that feeling of complete despair. Over time it eases and becomes  bearable.

You know the cause of what happened and you have been able to put your  loved one to rest. You will always have that sense of emptiness and at  times it overcomes you, but you are able to put it into perspective  again. Parents of missing children never have that feeling ease. It  never becomes bearable, only easier to hide. One minute you are ok and  functioning, the next minute something triggers inside and you plummet  to the deepest ravine you could ever imagine and can’t find any way out.  It can be something as simple as a smell, a taste, a sound, a touch and  all the horror is there again. It never ends.

Please, please, please find it in your hearts to come forward if you  have ANY information. You may think it is insignificant, but it may be  the key link to answers. You can remain anonymous if you want. I  continue to pray to God that Branson is safe….is happy…and will come  home soon. But I fear the worst has happened. I fear I will never see my  son’s beautiful smile again, or hear his voice. .
I had an individual that wrote in one of Branson’s guest books that had  never heard of this case and went to college in Maryville, MO and said  he had friends that now live in Skidmore. I don’t want anyone to forget  my son. It has been so long since he disappeared that I have to get the  information out again.


One thought on “A Mother’s Plea

  1. I hope you find peace something. Good Luck. I am from The Netherlands and pray for you to ever know what happend to him.

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